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2008-11-28 01:28:51 by BroganAdjustment



2008-07-25 17:53:32 by BroganAdjustment

Kinda hard to get the time to make music.
But I'll keep putting them up as they come.

well check out my newest song (Crimson Tide) its kinda like a mix of Mexadu and Rickmen with a splash of Pwn

you know what to do

New On NG

2007-11-26 20:56:32 by BroganAdjustment

New On Ng
im not much for using programs, such as FL or Reason.
most of my music is done with Guitar or piano..maybe a synthesizer some times...
not looking for much to get back in return
i enjoy making music been doing it for 1/2 year or so

any tips/suggestions plz just message me or review my music allways looking to better my self