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New On NG

2007-11-26 20:56:32 by BroganAdjustment

New On Ng
im not much for using programs, such as FL or Reason.
most of my music is done with Guitar or piano..maybe a synthesizer some times...
not looking for much to get back in return
i enjoy making music been doing it for 1/2 year or so

any tips/suggestions plz just message me or review my music allways looking to better my self



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2008-01-04 05:31:24

Hey dude.
I just got FL 7 and its awesome.
I now see how hard making some of the music on Ng really is.
Youre a good artist and i think you should continue making music.

BroganAdjustment responds:

thanks ^^
yeah FL is pretty sweet takes a little to get use but ite pretty easy when you do
haven't had much time lately
but i plan to put up more music soon



2008-01-30 20:04:13

FL and Reason are both great programs. Reason however i think is the better program. I have both FL and Reason. My Tip/suggestion, just be yourself write the music that comes from who youare and all will be fine! Keep on it and much luv!